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Tips on Reading with Young Children

  • Choose books on topics that interest children
  • Select books with clear and colorful pictures
  • Make sure to hold the book so all children can see the pictures
  • Change your voice to reflect the sound of different characters
    and portray different emotions
  • Pause to ask what the children think will happen
  • Encourage discussion about the story
  • Read favorite books often
  • Select books that highlight themes in the shows children like
  • Discuss similarities between the stories and the shows
  • Encourage children to “read” to you
  • Help children to “write” their own books, by writing down their words exactly as they say them
  • Keep paper and crayons available so they can make their own books whenever they wish
  • Listen to the stories on Reading Rainbow together
  • Make reading time a special time of fun & togetherness

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Tips for Watching

Clifford TV is fine when…
  • it encourages thinking.
  • it engages children to participate.
  • it entertains
  • it inspires children to want to learn more about their world.
TV can be a problem when…
  • it exposes children to violence.
  • it deals with inappropriate subjects.
  • it dominates too much time.
  • it encourages children to buy things they don’t need.
  • it presents gender, racial, or cultural stereotypes.

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Read to Succeed Read to Suceed

Nurture your children’s eagerness to read through these book suggestions and fun activities!

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